Throughout his life, Shakyamuni encouraged people with his clear, sonorous voice. A Buddhist text describes how Shakyamuni warmheartedly welcomed everyone he met, expressing his joy at meeting them. He showed affection, joy and gentleness in all his interactions. To put others at ease and encourage them to speak up, Shakyamuni would always break the ice by initiating conversation. It was the power of Shakyamuni's eloquence and sincerity that made it possible for Buddhism to gain wide acceptance among the people of his time.

Stories of Hope

Learning to Hope

Martin Seligman

Once a self-professed pessimist, Martin Seligman, the framer of “positive psychology,” asserts that optimism—a deep confidence in the positive potential of human beings—can change our lives.                           NEW

Stories of Hope

Lion of Freedom

Nelson Mandela

Despite being imprisoned for 10,000 days for his unwavering belief in human dignity, Mandela never gave in to despair.