Faced with the horrifying facts of nuclear proliferation, we must call forth the power of hope from within the depths of each individual’s life. We need a revolution in the consciousness of countless individuals—a revolution that gives rise to the heartfelt confidence that “There is something I can do.” Then, finally, we will see a coming together of the world’s people, and hear their common voice, their cry for an end to this terrible madness of destruction.

Stories of Hope

Refusing to Hate

Jose Abueva

Jose Abueva’s family was brutally murdered by Japanese soldiers. Yet the Filipino educator’s story is not one of hatred, but of forgiveness and hope for a harmonious future.

Stories of Hope

The Writer's Path

Chingiz Aitmatov

Author of what has been called “the most beautiful love story in the world,” Chingiz Aitmatov underwent severe suffering in his youth.